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sopdetly wrote in damnyellowfics
TITLE: Procrastination
AUTHOR: sopdetly
WORDS: 2,900
FANDOM: Harry Potter
PAIRING: Remus/Sirius
SUMMARY: There's always something better to do than revising. Especially with Prongs and Wormtail out of the room.

NOTES: I'm so glad I got the opportunity to write this! Thanks to theemdash (again!) for the beta (and helping me with my weakness: action sequences!), and many thanks cackling_madly for the wonderfully descriptive artwork that spoke to me so clearly. Written for the 2011 shaggydog_swap!


Remus stared ahead blankly, not seeing the pile of work that had built up in front of him. NEWTs. NEWTs could just go fuck off as far as he was concerned. Just three weeks into the fall term of his final year, and he felt like he already had more homework than he did all of last year combined. And as much as he enjoyed learning new things, he liked to learn slowly, on his own pace, and keeping up with the demands of their teachers had been difficult last year. All the more frustrating was the knowledge that even if he earned an O in each of his eight NEWT subjects, his opportunities for employment would still be all too bleak.

Briefly, over roughly three days of the summer hols, he seriously considered not coming back to Hogwarts for his final year. The thought of managing his transformations alone, however, made that an impossible dream.

"Moony! Stop making eyes at your books and take a break with us!"

He closed his eyes, trying to press down the smile that pulled at his lips. "Prongs, I've not even cracked a book yet," he said, knowing his voice held little true protest. "Hard to take a break when I haven't even started."

A pair of hands were on his shoulders, pulling him back in his chair. Remus tilted his chin up, looking into Sirius's bright grin above him. "Moony Moony Moonface. We have long since learned that it is far more easy to distract you away from revising before you actually start than after you've snuggled up all cosy-like with your notes."

Remus rolled his eyes and wiggled his shoulders, trying to release himself from Sirius's grip. "You'd think you would have learned, too, that I'd be far more amenable to distraction if you didn't constantly suggest that I'm a librasexual."

Sirius stuck out his tongue, gripping Remus's shoulders more firmly. "Perhaps we'd stop saying that stuff if you'd stop using words like 'librasexual', you pillock."

"Flattery will get you everywhere!" James called over, and Sirius let go with one hand to flip two fingers at him.

Remus used that moment to pull free; he stood up and backed away from the desk. "What do you even want from me? It's half-eleven on a Tuesday night, and it's not like we've more map work to do this term."

Sirius gave him a look that suggested that Remus was horribly thick. "But what was the point of making the damned map if we don't ever use it?"

"We use it all the time!" said Peter, piping up from behind his magazine. "Just last night I went down to the Hufflepuffs' dorms to see—"

"Magnooooooolia!" James and Sirius crooned together, their sights now on Wormtail, and Remus shook his head as he watched the two idiots pounce on poor Peter. The three scuffled, losing themselves in the game, and at the same time allowing Remus to turn back to his pile of books.

He frowned and took out his quill and parchment, starting to make some notes about the plan he might consider for studying the rest of the week. It was a secret he kept from all his professors, his tendency to procrastinate. Left to his own devices he'd be as bad as Sirius and James, and not nearly as talented at coming through in a pinch. Losing precious days each month to the full moon had forced him to work hard at being proactive and getting his work done ahead of time, but on days like this, mid-cycle with a dark sky covered in stars alone, the temptation to let his true nature take control was at its most powerful.

"Who said you could go back to your books?" Remus startled; the voice was low and close to his ear. He turned quickly—too quickly, and his nose crashed into Sirius's cheek.

"OI!" Sirius's yelp caught James and Peter's attention, and they stopped tussling to see what was going on.

"Serves you right, sneaking up on me like that," Remus muttered, prodding at his nose carefully. "Fucking prat." He reached out and gave Sirius's shoulder a shove. Sirius returned the shove his eyes widening and taking on a hint of mischief, along with a clear sense of pleasure at having gotten Remus to play along, if only for a moment.

Remus slouched back in his chair, fully adopting the pose of Pouting Boy by crossing his arms over his chest and looking up at Sirius through his eyelashes. He put an actual pout on his face, too, and he could see that Sirius was buying it. Sirius sighed, dropping both hands to his side and looking down at the ground.

"Moony . . ." he said, taking a deep breath and looking up again, and Remus dropped his pout at the sight of the wickedness in his mate's eyes. "You can't fool me!" Sirius reached out and grabbed the front of Remus's shirt, pulling him out of his chair and into Sirius himself. Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus and twisted their bodies so that they dropped to the floor.

"Pads!" Remus fought back, though not too hard, because in the end, he really didn't want to do all that revising tonight, and a wrestling match with Padfoot was always great fun. Not that he'd ever admit that. Not with Prongs and Wormtail around, anyway.

They rolled over the floor together, Remus occasionally gaining the upper hand and trying to squash Sirius under his skinny frame. It never lasted long, though, and soon enough they were tugging on shirts, and as Remus caught Sirius up by pulling the bottom of Sirius's shirt up over his head, he could hear James mutter something to Peter, and then they were gone. Confused, Remus rolled off Sirius, panting hard.

"Wh-where'd they go?" he asked, looking over at Sirius and snickering as the other boy struggled to get out of his shirt. Taking pity, Remus sat up and helped Sirius to take the shirt off completely.

"Ta," Sirius said, his voice soft. "Um. Dunno where they went." He looked away from Remus, though, and Remus didn't buy the ignorance for a moment. He wasn't inclined to push it, though.

"Probably went for a snack," he said, giving Sirius the out. "Or maybe Peter's meeting Magnolia again?"

Sirius looked back at Remus. "Maybe. They'll probably be a while, though." He pulled at the shirt in his lap; Remus was amused by Sirius's sudden change in demeanor, the way that the feel of the room had shifted without the other two to keep it playful.

"Probably no point in me going back to work tonight," he said, perhaps a bit too casually.

One corner of Sirius's mouth lifted just slightly. "No? I mean, yeah, no. Definitely no point."

They regarded each other for a long moment, a bit of a challenge hovering between them. Which would give in first, suggest what they both wanted to say? The tension grew thicker, and Remus had to marvel at the way they could switch tracks like this, so easily and so quickly, with little more encouragement than being alone together in the dorm room.

But they wouldn't be alone forever, and that reminder pushed Remus to action—he leapt at Sirius, going right for his trousers, not wanting to waste more time. Sirius, however, seemed to have other ideas, because he shifted under Remus and bucked his lower body, knocking Remus back on his arse. Sirius jumped to his feet and leaned over Remus, starting to pull on his shirt, but Remus wasn't going to give in so easily, and he reached up to hook his hands in Sirius's waistband. With a quick jerk he pulled the trousers and pants down over Sirius's hips, and when Sirius tried to take a step he tripped over himself, tumbling over Remus's head and landing on the ground with a grunt. Remus looked over, grinned to see that their wrestling had affected Sirius in much the same way that he was currently affected, and then went to work trying to finish stripping Sirius completely.

"Moony, you little bastard," Sirius murmured. His hand was then, without warning, pressed against Remus's crotch, rubbing against his hard dick; Remus gasped at the unexpected sensation, looked up at Sirius with wide eyes. Clearly they were on the same page, at least.

"Fight for top?" he asked, though he immediately wondered what his mouth was saying. They might have time for a pair of blowjobs, but proper fucking would be an exercise in racing the James-and-Peter clock. And without knowing what they were actually up to right now, they couldn't even be sure of how much time was on that clock.

Sirius nodded once, accepting the terms. He kicked his trousers off fully and started tugging on Remus's socks. Remus undid his own fly, not wanting any delays to claiming his prize. Quickly he was left wearing only a shirt, and Sirius only in his socks, and that was starkers enough for Remus.

He stood up, trying to decide on his plan of attack, and in the process left his cock vulnerable to Sirius's tongue.

"Oi, that's cheating!" Remus whined. He leaned over and wrapped his arms around Sirius and flipped him onto his back. The move pulled his shoulder awkwardly, and in his pain he groaned, "Fuck."

"You wish," Sirius grunted, tugging Remus down so that Remus straddled Sirius. "More than one way to win this, Moony," he added, voice slightly out of breath from Remus landing on his stomach, rocking his hips up so that his own hard cock rubbed along Remus's backside.

Remus could feel the nerves light on fire at the touch, and for a moment he had to ask himself if he really wanted to "win" this wrestling match by the terms agreed upon. He looked down at Sirius's face, which was looking entirely too pleased with itself for his liking, and found a new determination to see that stupid face contorted as he came on Remus's cock.

Slowly, keeping his eyes locked on Sirius's, he pushed himself backwards, sliding over Sirius in such a way that Sirius's prick moved along the crack of Remus's arse. Sirius moaned, and Remus had a tough time keeping his eyes open, but it was worth it to do so as he stretched out over Sirius. He lowered his head so their noses were touching, and he poked his tongue out to lick at Sirius's lips. "You concede defeat, Pads?" He rocked his hips against Sirius's a bit, grinning at Sirius's whimper and the flutter of his eyes. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Pocket," Sirius said. "Trousers pocket."

Remus nodded and reached over to Sirius's trousers, patting at them until he could feel the little tube Sirius was referring to. He pulled the lube out and handed it to Sirius. "You do it," he said before leaning down to kiss Sirius firmly. They didn't usually kiss during fast sex like this, saving it for brief moments when they were unexpectedly alone and for when they had hours on their own to be slow and lazy. But those moments and lazy afternoons were far more difficult to come across this term, and Remus was desperate for the feel of Sirius's mouth on his own. Sirius seemed equally eager, kissing back as his hands worked at slicking up Remus; the feeling of Sirius's hands on him sent Remus closer to the edge, and he was somewhat glad to know that as soon as they got to this it wouldn't be much longer before he was done. They might not get caught.

"Here, do my fingers," Remus muttered, knowing that Sirius would need a bit of preparation. With a glob of lube on his index and middle fingers he reached between Sirius and pressed against him, spreading the slick around and then in, as slow and careful as he dared. Sirius's breathing was growing shallow and raspy, and Remus could see that his eyes would occasionally look in the direction of the door.

"Afraid they'll catch us?" he asked. "Or hoping they will?" Sirius's eyes snapped back to Remus's, and the flush on Sirius's cheeks made Remus grin. "Ready, then?"

"Fuck, yes."

Remus didn't need any further encouragement. He pulled his hands away and shifted his hips so his dick was lined up to enter Sirius, and without any further discussion he guided himself in, biting his lip as the tight heat surrounded him. He moved deliberately, his mind well aware of how close they might be cutting it, but he didn't want to hurt Sirius, only wanted him to feel good. Sirius's hands gripped his backside, coaxing Remus to take a faster pace. As the sensations began to overwhelm him, Remus lost himself in the feeling of being with Sirius, being inside Sirius. It felt like it had been forever since they had been together like this, though it was just a few weeks ago, the first weekend of term. They'd snuck out one night and found an open classroom, conjured some blankets and pillows and made up for being apart over the summer hols.

He watched Sirius's face, pleasure increasing as he found the look he'd hoped to see there, and his movements took on a new pace and intensity. He smiled when Sirius groaned, taking that as enthusiastic encouragement, and he didn't even think to worry that he was settling in for a good long fuck rather than the fast and frenzied getting off he'd been hoping for.

They fucked mostly quietly, only the occasional grunt or moan breaking the sound of their skin sliding together, but it was enough to mask the sound of footsteps on the other side of the door. Remus looked up, his breath catching but his hips still moving, when the doorknob turned and the door opened.


James cuffed Peter on the back of his head. "No, Moony's fucking Padfoot." James shook his head. "You've got ten more minutes, but that's it." He stepped out of the room, and after a moment his hand reappeared to pull Peter from where he was standing stock still and staring. The door slammed behind them, but Remus couldn't move his gaze from where they'd just stood.

"M-moony?" Sirius pawed at Remus's chest. "Fuck, Remus, m'so close . . ."

That was enough to pull Remus from his daze, and he looked down at Sirius and nodded. "Right, sorry. Um." He was blushing now, but had blood enough below the waist to finish this nicely for them. He picked up speed again and first tried not to think about his friends watching them, but soon found that doing exactly that provided a greater rush of arousal than he'd ever expected. He could feel Sirius fisting himself, pulling his cock to help bring on orgasm, and moments later Sirius was clenching around Remus, come splattering over Remus's stomach. Remus kept moving, close but not quite to the edge yet. He glanced over at the door again, imagining that perhaps James and Peter were just on the other side, biding their time, possibly listening for the sounds of the lovers finishing up . . . and possibly being turned on by the whole situation.

The image of James getting off to the idea of Remus fucking their best friend was more than enough for Remus, and he cried out hoarsely as he came in Sirius. He collapsed on top of Sirius, breathing hard and spent, smiling when he felt Sirius's hands softly stroke his back.

"Think they'll just pretend that didn't happen?" Sirius asked, his voice a whisper with a touch of humor.

Remus huffed out a short laugh. "Are you kidding? They'll milk it the rest of the year." He swallowed. "Prongs didn't seem too surprised."

Sirius cleared his throat. "I, uh, may have told him. Over the summer." He pressed his lips to Remus's forehead. "Sorry. I know you didn't . . ."

"It's okay," Remus said. He'd not wanted them to know, not until they were finished school, and not until they could tell the other two together, but deep down he'd known it was an impossible hope that Sirius wouldn't spill the secret. "Probably better he was in the know. Probably expected this to happen at some point."

As he felt himself softening, and knowing that their allotted ten minutes were nearly up, Remus sighed and carefully pulled out. "Should at least get dressed for bed. No need to make it easy for them to take the mickey."

Remus started to sit up, but Sirius held him close. "Didn't tell him everything, Moony. He just assumed . . . thinks this is matey. Getting off while we wait for something real."

Sirius's face was calm, his eyes warm, and Remus smiled softly. "Why'd you let him think that?"

"Dunno." His voice dropped to a whisper. "Like that you're the only one who knows. For now."

Remus had nothing to say to that, not with words at least—he kissed Sirius deeply, once again forgetting the time and the fact that they wouldn't be alone forever, but it was worth the indignant shouting that interrupted them a few minutes later to be reminded that Sirius loved him, beyond all reasoning, just as much as he loved Sirius.


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Awwwh that last little bit made my heart smile!!!! And boy, the rest of it was hot, Remus an exhibitionist? Niiiiiiice :D

Thanks! My Remus is always a little bit exhibitionist, though that's a "little" compared to Pads. ;)

I totally love your writing style, I may have to read all of your Sirius and Remus stuff, I adore them the way you write them <3

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